The Current

Back to School

Hello! It's been some time since my last post, so much has happened! My intent was to post more frequently, unfortunately, I have not been able to keep up, odd for someone who has a lot to say.  Lately, my life has taken on a new direction, a new sense of purpose, a new focus especially now my children have nearly all grown up. My lobster illustrations will continue, my dedication to my customers, retail and wholesale will continue, my passion for the State of Maine, the Lobster Industry and communities along the coast will always be within my reach.  A new chapter is in...

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A Maine Lobster Roll at the Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival

Lobster Maine Pumpkin Festival

Thanks to my friends Bruce, Martha and Rick over at Gifts at 136, I was invited back as their guest pumpkin artist for this years annual Pumpkin Festival in Damariscotta, Maine. Last year was so much fun I couldn't resist, but unlike using roughly 100 pumpkins to create a lobster, this year I wanted to keep it simple so I opted for a festival supplied, locally farmed and conveniently placed specimen.  Once I arrived, a day before the big weekend, I laid eyes on my subject and knew my idea was going to be perfect, delicious, scrumptious, mmm. I dropped my box full...

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A Summer to Remember

Wow, didn't that go quick! Living in Maine you appreciate the Summer perhaps a bit more than most, and as much as I love all four seasons here in Vacationland, I look forward to Maine's Summer's the most. Some 14 million tourists flock to our state each year and we couldn't be more grateful, it's a huge economic lift and has most definitely fueled and driven my lobster boatful of ideas.  This summer started off like cracking open a claw of a freshly steamed keeper, ahhh, and not before long we were knee deep in lobster meat. Going into this season I had a...

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A Maine Small Business Learning Lab

I recently had an amazing opportunity to listen, learn, mingle and network with some of Maine's finest entrepreneurs, small and large business owners, and creatives like myself titled, 'Small Business Learning Lab', hosted by the Retail Association of Maine (RAM) and the National Retail Federation (NRF) With the Regency's Atlantic Room as the backdrop, we gathered around large packed round tables and enjoyed talks focused on a range of subjects encountering retailers from the web to bricks and mortar, security to legislation, failures, accomplishments and the lessons we learn along the way. David Brooks of Flyte New Media got us started off with the importance and usefulness of...

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2016 Prepare for Liftoff

It's been a while since my last post, so much so I emojied when I saw the date of the last one! September, really? Andrew you need to do better, take a few minutes and write your thoughts, well not all of them but share your story, you know people love to hear it. The truth is my life has been on a high speed roller coaster since last September, been quite a ride! Back then we decided to move the family and business from southern Maine to Midcoast Maine, and has been nothing but a miracle and a dream come true. Throw in...

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