A Summer to Remember

Wow, didn't that go quick! Living in Maine you appreciate the Summer perhaps a bit more than most, and as much as I love all four seasons here in Vacationland, I look forward to Maine's Summer's the most. Some 14 million tourists flock to our state each year and we couldn't be more grateful, it's a huge economic lift and has most definitely fueled and driven my lobster boatful of ideas. 

This summer started off like cracking open a claw of a freshly steamed keeper, ahhh, and not before long we were knee deep in lobster meat. Going into this season I had a new approach, focus on my wholesale accounts to accommodate the masses, utilize their brick and mortar and expand in territories I was absent in, unfortunately this meant less art festivals but hopefully more availability. Sometimes you need to take a risk, and as much as I loved doing the show circuit I felt this was the way to go. Looking back I could have done both, executive decision made, look for me at the Maine Summer Shows in 2017!

There was one show I had to do, my all time favorite (even before the lobsters), the Yarmouth Clam Festival. This year was just like the previous four I've participated in, fun, busy, full of happy folks laughing, dancing, oooing and ahhhing. Great music, food, entertainment, competition and community spirit like no other. The weather always plays a key factor and this year we had a taste of it all, hot, cool, sunny, downpoury and straight up gorgeous! My 11 year old daughter Alida helped out again this year and if she works hard like Dad she soon will be selling something (glitter glue, green slime, cupcakes are on her short list) at the festival, she caught my entrepreneurial spirit and I couldn't be more excited for her! It was, and always is, great to catch up with everyone at this show, it is truly a highlight of my year!

My wife Jen and I traveled to Bar Harbor for too quick a visit. I was invited as the featured artist at The Maine Lobster on West Street, sipping wine and chatting with the tourists, great time and shop, check them out! Acadia is stunning, the whole coast is breathtaking and something that every one should take in, we're booking a return trip, maybe by lobster boat! The greatest thing about my job is being able to travel to all the picturesque Maine towns and villages sprinkled along our rugged coastline, the store owners whom sell my product are the finest in the business, check out my BUY LOCAL page for a certified LIAA reseller in your area or on your travel agenda. 

One of the greatest benefits of being an artist is the ability to reach and help others emotionally and sometimes physically. The reactions to my work is the fuel that keeps me on the illustration road, but when my work generates money for charities or families in need it feels like I'm making a difference. Over the year's I've donated many pieces to many charities, silent auctions and fundraisers, and again this year to The Jimmy Fund, Maine State Society Foundation and Painting for a Purpose. There is nothing more gratifying than help others, if you think my work could help your cause, benefit or charity send me an email and I'll do my best to accommodate, never hurts to ask!

Currently I'm preparing for the Leaf Peepers, Cruise Passengers, the Big-E and Holiday Shoppers. I'm working on a few new lobsters and drafting up plans for my Pumpkin Lobster for this year's Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival (check EVENTS page for details). This go around I'm using one of the larger pumpkins versus many smalls. What will it be you ask? Check it out in front of Gifts at 136 Columbus Day Weekend.

As always thank you for your support and interest in my work. I've always said the more you put in the more you get out, you all have proven this to be true, again thank you!




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