Lights, Camera, Action! WMTW visits LIAA Studios!

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A couple of weeks before Christmas Steve Minich contacted me about doing a story for WMTW-TV Channel 8 here in Maine. Without hesitation I confirmed and after a couple delays we were able to connect and film. I was extremely nervous yet surprisingly calm. My studio was decorated with all my favorite Maine Made items in hopes they would grab a little free air time as well, my process was layed out and my work everywhere.  My wife even had our friend watch our very vocal Pomeraninan/Papillon Teddy so he didn't steal my thunder.

As I watched Steve and his cameraman Tim pull in my drive, I felt a wave of excitement and then eager anticipation, let's do this! After getting my mic on, Tim set up his lights and camera while Steve mentions, "Here's what we'll do, just do your thing and pretend we are not even here, we'll do some questions towards the end." Awesome, I can handle that I thought, and before I knew it Tim was capturing angles from every direction, it was surreal!

I was working on a new lobster, showcasing First Responders and all they do, and thought it would be fun to include Steve and Tim within, reporting on the scene, which, after some consideration, wasn't as tragic as initially conceived, simply a garage fire and a sinking sailboat, no casualties.  I bounced back and forth from the different stations, trying to cover as much as possible and even though they were not specifically asking questions, I recall rambling on and on about everything and everybody I've met during the past four years and how much fun I've been having. After an hour and a handful of Q&A's we wrapped up and within a week they aired the story much to my delight.

So many thanks to who ever gave Steve my business card! Thanks Steve, Tim and WMTW for your great stories about Maine Made! Well Done!

Watch the video and slide show here:

Tim Doane of WMTW-8 News and me!



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